How Do You Exfoliate Your Feet

With the best foot exfoliator, your feet will always be refreshed. Moreover, it will remain young & healthy. The foot exfoliator operates by removing dead skin cells and worn-out outer skin layers. This is made possible with the help of gritty exfoliators which include apricot seeds & walnuts. People who have more sensitive skin should opt for sugar or salt. Furthermore, some exfoliators are only used on foot while others are for other body sections.

When buying the best foot exfoliator, you need to check out on uses, ingredients used, and smell.

The best foot exfoliators reviewed below are from BEALUZ, LV LAVINSO, Care me, my foot, DERMORA, ELMCHEE, PINPOXE, and BESKAR.

Price List Of The Best Foot Exfoliator

#1. 2 Pairs Foot Peel Mask Exfoliant for Soft Feet

2 Pairs Foot Peel Mask

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Foot Peel Mask Exfoliant for Soft Feet is a miracle answer for coarse, dry, and callused feet. Furthermore, these feet are more effective at peeling away & exfoliating rough & dead skin. After 1 to 2 weeks of use, you will brand new baby-soft feet. Furthermore, this best foot exfoliator tool is simple to use by just placing on the booties and letting it stay the recommended time. After removing, treatment will begin immediately.

  • No need to scrub or peel the skin
  • Old skin auto peel off
  • It’s a pain-free process

#2. Foot Peel Mask 2 Pack

Foot Peel Mask 2 Pack

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Foot Peel Mask comes in a pack of 2. Moreover, these masks are suitable for dry and cracked feet which have calluses. The mask offers you the best foot-care treatment, restoring your feet to be smooth within two weeks. Lavinso foot peel-mask is made using all-natural ingredients & botanical extracts. Thus, it is safe for use by both women & men. With this product, no foot scrubbing is needed.

  • Moisturizes & exfoliates the skin
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No foot scrubbing needed

#3. Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover Rechargeable

Powerful Electric Foot

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Powerful Electric Foot Callus remover is rechargeable, powerful plus effective. It has enhanced motor spins of 60 turns/sec. With this, you will have a baby’s soft & sexy feet fast. Furthermore, it’s used on dry feet. It comes with an in-built long-lasting 600mah Li-ion battery that’s rechargeable. This battery supports a quick 2-hr charge which lasts for about 1-hr. This device also has a light that indicates red (charging) and green (charged).

  • Features LED illumination
  • Has lightweight plus portable design
  • It’s powerful and effective

#4. MyFoot Foot Peel Mask

MyFoot Foot Peel Mask

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MyFoot Foot Peel Mask comes in a pack of two. Moreover, this foot exfoliation mask is made with olive oil and olive leaf extract. This helps in cleansing plus moisturizing one’s skin. Furthermore, this product is more effective and removes all dry dead skin & repairs the cracked heels. It’s suitable for removing hard skin and it is a universal size thus fits all. It’s suitable for both men & women.

  • Best for home spa treatment and pedicure
  • Suitable for people with cracked, dry, and calloused feet
  • Made with natural ingredients

#5. Peach Foot Peel Mask

Peach Foot Peel Mask

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Peach Foot Peel Mask comes in two-pack. Furthermore, this mask is unisex thus suitable for both genders with shoes with sizes of up to 11. Moreover, it’s also best for treating dead skin, cracked heels & calluses. This best foot scrub to remove dead skin is made using peach & papaya extracts. Moreover, it’s suitable for use on any skin type. Remember, not to apply to wounds.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Removes plus repairs rough-heels
  • Best for all skin kinds

#6. Vanilla Foot Peel Mask

Vanilla Foot Peel Mask

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Vanilla Foot Peel Mask comes in a pack of two. Additionally, this exfoliation foot mask is unisex and it’s suitable for both men and women. It fits shoes of up to size 11. Moreover, it can be utilized for dead skin, calluses, and cracked heels. Furthermore, these foot exfoliator socks are made with vanilla plus papaya extracts hence natural. Moreover, this foot mask is suitable for use on any skin type.

  • Infused natural ingredients
  • Suitable for use with all skin kind
  • Best for cracked heels, calluses, and dead skin

#7. Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit

Electric Foot Callus Remover

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Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit has a rechargeable-callus remover with three grinding heads. Moreover, this is a powerful, safe, and two adjustable speed. Its highest speed is 1700times/min and its lowest speed is 2000times/min. When the pressure is very strong, the device will auto stop working. This will help in preventing damage to your healthy skin. Moreover, this device has a 1200mah battery. It also has five levels of battery-display function.

  • It’s IPX7 waterproof
  • Features two adjustable speed
  • Auto stops when the pressure is strong

#8. Foot Peel Mask, Foot Peel Mask Exfoliating

Foot Peel Mask

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Foot Peel Mask helps in restoring one’s feet to have a smooth and soft feeling. Moreover, this mask is best for use with dry, calloused, and cracked feet. After use, you will have results in one week. Additionally, it is pain-free and safe. This foot exfoliator peel comprises natural ingredients & botanical extracts. Thus, it’s safe for use by both men & women. Additionally, this is a zero pain process.

  • Nourishes and enhance skin vitality
  • It’s painless
  • Suitable for all skin types

#9. Foot Scrubber for Shower

Foot Scrubber

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Foot Scrubber for Shower comes with a pumice stone, foot cleaner, foot brush, and foot exfoliator. Moreover, it has a contoured design, strong suction cups, dense firm bristles & hanging string. This foot exfoliator scrub will help in releasing the stresses & tension as it cleans, stimulates, and massage your feet. It has a contoured double bristle design which allows the callus-remover to excellently massage & exfoliate one’s feet from every angle.

  • Takes away foot odor
  • Perfect foot treatment for diabetic
  • Features inner smooth bristles

#10. Larger Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

Larger Shower

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Larger Shower Foot Scrubber Mat is a comfortable way of cleaning your feet. Moreover, this foot scrubber adopts a distinct dual-bristle design. Moreover, it has hundreds of brush bristles that are extra flexible & softer.  Additionally, this baby foot exfoliator has exfoliated & clean dry skin & calluses, besides eliminating the athlete’s foot. This makes one’s feet healthy & smooth. Furthermore, this scrubber is best for people of any age. It’s also best for people with arthritis, hip/back/knee pain, pregnancy, and more.

  • Promotes blood flow & circulation
  • Has long smooth bristles
  • Best for people of any age

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