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Hair is one of the things more women cherish. However, taking good care of long hair may be hard. Moreover, detangling long hair also involves a lot of pain thus you need to use the right brush. A detangling brush is made using the best quality material which makes them more durable & long-lasting. Additionally, they have flexible distinct bristles which detangle your hair gently as it massages your scalp to increase blood flow.

When buying a detangling brush Walmart, you need to consider ergonomic handle, brush design, and versatility. You can also check out on the head size and bristle type/shape.

The best detangler brush reviewed below is from Remington, Bella and Bear, Tangle Angel, Janeke

Best Detangler Brush

#1. Remington DT7432

Remington DT7432 Wet

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Remington DT7432 is an electric detangling brush. Moreover, it offers a simple method to detangle your hair. Furthermore, the brush’s-teeth will rock back & forth while one brush too softly to tangle even unruly hair. Moreover, this detangling brush comes with a slip-on brush coating. This will protect the detangling head when stored or traveling. It’s used to detangle either dry or wet hair.

  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Comes with a slip-on brush cover
  • It’s gentle on the scalp

#2. Detangling Hair Brush and Comb Set

Detangling Hair Brush

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Detangling Hair Brush and Comb Set are suitable for use with either dry or wet hair. Additionally, this best detangling brush for kids is built using a quality grade plastic that has molded bristles. This helps in ensuring that you will have even, smooth styling & blow-drying. Furthermore, the hairbrush handle has a natural shape that molds to one’s hand. Additionally, it’s small thus suitable for both kids and adults.

  • Has a compact design thus best for travel
  • Made with the best quality plastic material
  • It’s vegan friendly and cruelty-free

#3. Tangle Angel Cute Hair Brush

Tangle Angel Cute Hair

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Tangle Angel Cute Hair Brush is available in sizes 187mm and other different sizes. Moreover, it also comes in different colors including gloss white. Additionally, it has memory-flex properties. This allows one’s bristles to flex & return to the normal position. Furthermore, it also massages the scalp as it stimulates blood flow & strengthening one’s hair. This detangler brush has smooth bristles that gently glide via your locks.

  • Has anti-static additives
  • Reduces frizz & flyaway hair
  • It’s heat resistant and water-resistant

#4. Janeke Super-Brush Detangler Brush Anti-static Hairbrush

Janeke Superbrush Detangler

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Janeke Super-Brush Detangler Brush Anti-static Hairbrush comes in either a white or black hue. Moreover, Super brush Janeke1830 has a line of carbon-fiber hair brushes. This makes it best for textured hair 3a-4c. Furthermore, the material used helps in eliminating static electricity. The static electricity destroys the hair structure & makes it thinner. This best detangling brush for 4c hair will dry your hair quickly & effortlessly minus causing damages.

  • Best for every hair type
  • Suitable for massaging the scalp
  • Best for the whole family

#5. Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

Wet Brush Original Detangler

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Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush comes in two pieces. They are also available in pink & purple colors. It’s also suitable for women and men with either dry or wet hair. Moreover, this detangler doesn’t pull or rip out your knotted hair. Additionally, it glides through the hair to softly untangle even the toughest tangles. This detangler comes with ultra-soft bristles. The bristles glide via tangles & knots.

  • Has strong bristles
  • Best for gently massaging the scalp
  • It’s healthy & painless

#6. Lily England Detangling Hairbrush and Comb Set

Lily England Detangling

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Lily England Detangling Hairbrush and Comb Set come in rose gold and mermaid hue. Additionally, this hairbrush will keep one’s hair smooth and tangle-free. Moreover, it will also appear great on one’s dressing table. It’s a pain-free detangling brush with 274-flexible bristles. It gently glides via knots forming less friction than normal hair brushes. This will result in less hair breakage. Operates well on any type of hair.

  • Best for fine, curly, thick, straight hair
  • Comes with a best-quality wide-tooth comb
  • Keeps the hair smooth and tangle-free

#7. Michel Mercier Spa Brush

Michel Mercier Spa Brush

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Michel Mercier Spa Brush is a detangling hairbrush for dry/wet hair. Moreover, it’s made to offer you spa-quality hair care. It also features an anti-slip handle & flexible yet strong bristles.  It helps in detangling, smoothing & revitalizing your hair. It’s a pain-free process. Furthermore, this brush has 428 bristles which have 32 different heights to softy flow via your hair.

  • Reduce hair breakage and loss
  • Massages the scalp, improves blood flow
  • Revitalizes and smoothen the hair

#8. Balon 4Pcs Hair Brushes for Women

4Pcs Hair Brushes

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This hair detangler comes in 4 pieces in either pink, purple, or black color. The four pieces include the paddle brush, wide-tooth comb, styling brush & tail comb. Additionally, this hairbrush meets all your hair-care needs. Furthermore, it’s painless and smooth. It’s made with smooth plastic bristles that massage the scalp & increase circulation. This helps in increasing hair growth. Moreover, it also helps in smoothing the cuticle layer.

  • Detangles either wet or dry hair
  • Best for use with any hair type
  • Made using carbon antistatic material

#9. 2 Pack Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

2 Pack Detangling Brush

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This hair detangling brush comes in 2 pieces. They help in detangling matted hair. Moreover, it’s good for wavy, curly, long & thick hair. Furthermore, these best detangler brushes for curly hair come in different colors. It has a non-slip & comfortable rubber grip. This helps to hold the brush tightly. Furthermore, it also helps in drying your hair quickly & makes it have a shiny look.

  • It’s a durable detangler-brush
  • Lightweight & simple to clean
  • Best for use with curly hair

#10. BOMBEX Detangling Brush

BOMBEX Detangling Brush

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BOMBEX Detangling Brush comes in two pieces with different colors. They are suitable for removing knots & tangles. Additionally, it has a unique cone-shaped plastic bristle that operates to detangle the hair sideways instead of down. Moreover, this deluxe detangler won’t dig on your scalp or rip out hair. BOMBEX Detangling Brush minimizes breakage & hair loss.

  • Massage the scalp, improves blood flow
  • Best for thin hair
  • Has painless bristles

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